National Philanthropy

Our national philanthropy focuses its efforts on Breast Cancer Awareness We aim to raise awareness and money for breast cancer research as well as improve care for patients. Some of the organizations that we have supported have donated to research causes and funded education and screenings for millions of women.
Throughout years of various partnerships, aKDPhi has raised more than $250,000 for breast cancer research. We aim to hold multiple service events for BCA during October as we dedicate October as BCA month. Not only have we raised funds, but awareness has been spread on our campuses through tabling, booths, information sessions etc.

What do we do as a chapter?

As a chapter, we always honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October. During October, we host multiple fundraisers and events to raise money and awareness for Breast Cancer Awareness— ranging from small restaurant fundraisers to our Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Benefit Concert! Stay tuned for more updates on our future efforts.