Alpha Angels - Fall 2000

#13 - Sera "MAC" Choi

UVA Alumna 2002, Mom of Gamma Class

Big: Jen Na (Charter)
Little: Nancy Chung (Beta)
Ethnicity: Korean
From: Vienna, VA

"You must first fail to succeed."

#14 - Chieko "Hipster" Clarke

UVA Alumna 2003

Big: Stacy Weng (Charter)
Little: Suki Chung (Beta)
Ethnicity: African American/Japanese
From: Woodbridge, VA

"Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most."

#15 - Saira "Flood" Jamkhandi

UVA Alumna 2002

Big: Amy Chun (Charter)
Little: Virginia Tang (Beta) and Melody Yok (VTech Charter)
Ethnicity: Indian
From: Bluefield, VA

"Mai duniya ki rani hu!"

#16 - Lana "I-Rolla" Lintag

UVA Alumna 2003

Big: Michelle Le (Charter)
Little: Amanda Massey (Beta) and Jennifer Lee (JMU Charter)
Ethnicity: Filipino
From: Virginia Beach, VA

"Don't compromise yourself. You're all you've got."

#17 - Ginny "Adamantine" Min

UVA Alumna 2003

Big: Jane Luu (Charter)
Little: Christine Kim (Beta) and Younah Pee (Gamma)
Ethnicity: Chinese
From: Charlottesville, VA

"Being is beautiful. Come be with me."

#18 - Linda "Diesel" Nguyen

UVA Alumna 2002

Big: Hedi Kim (Charter)
Ethnicity: Vietnamese
From: Vienna, VA

#19 - Chau "Baby-Pouter" Tran

UVA Alumna 2003

Big: Hanna Tieu (Charter)
Little: Melody Han (Beta) and Helen Chung (Gamma)
Ethnicity: Vietnamese/Chinese
From: Kingstowne, VA

"Nothing is always something and something is never nothing."

#20 - Jing "Pikabama" Yeh

UVA Alumna 2002

Big: Mevelry Malixi (Charter)
Little: Katrina Chan (Gamma)
Ethnicity: Chinese
From: Birmingham, AL

"So leave all the others baby, say I'm the only one. Cut out the uniforms and settle with the sun."